I picked up a 250g tin of Starbuzz Blue Mist from my local hookah shop, based on the smell of the tobacco. I had heard this is very popular, so I knew I couldn't go wrong. The initial smell was blueberries and a candy flavor. I took it home and packed my Mya QT with 2 hoses. Three Kings coals were used throughout the session.

I began the coals and got the first hits. The tobacco was very juicy; you need to wash your hands after packing it. The smoke was thick, white clouds which is expected of Starbuzz. The taste was blueberry with a hint of mint. Other people have complained the mint and blueberry smells aren't balanced, but mixing your shisha beforehand will ensure an even smoke. The nicotine content of this tobacco is very low, so newcomers to hookah will enjoy this smoke.

With ice in the hookah and enough to go around for everybody, I had a great time smoking the Blue Mist. The flavor is not overwhelming, but delicious enough where you cannot put the hookah down. People who are put off by mint in hookahs should steer clear of this tobacco. For most though, it is a smooth, thick smoke ranking as a favorite.


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