1. Add ice cubes to the base of your hookah before smoking. This will get the water ice cold to make for a smoother hookah session.

2. When starting a hookah session, place your charcoal on the outer edge of the ceramic bowl and gradually work it around. Place the charcoal in the center of the bowl when coming to a an end of your session. This will prolong your hookah session because the shisha is burning at a slower pace than is you would place the charcoal in the center of the ceramic bowl at the start.

3. Shisha combinations can be very fulfilling. Try combining Lemon and Mango or Banana and Strawberry.

4. The texture of shisha leaves will often times lump together. In order not to burn the shisha and make way for more air to pass through the hookah bowl, brake up the shisha pieces with your hands before packing it in your hookah bowl.

5. When placing the aluminum foil over your hookah bowl, make sure the shine side of the foil is facing the inward towards the hookah bowl. This This technique will better help to preserve the heat of the charcoal.

6. When adding a bit of orange, lemon or any other type of fruity juice to the water in the hookah base durring a hookah session, the strength of the shisha flavor will be intensify.

7. In order to strengthen the thickness of your hookah smoke, try using milk, instead of water, in your hookah base durring a hookah session.

8. Always store your shisha in an air tight container in order to preserve it's liquid like texture and prevent it from drying up. Usually the original packaging work just fine but make sure that you pack it up well when storing it away for later use.

9. On hot summer days, often times people forget about the shisha that they stored away for later use. To prevent it from drying up, it is helpful to keep your shisha in a a temperature controlled room or refrigerator in order to be certain that it is safe and that it will last for as long as possible.

10. When smoking your hookah, you can either inhale the smoke or just take a puff in your mouth. It is solely up to the smoker to decide which way he prefers for there is no "better" way to smoke a hookah. However, when you inhale the smoke, you will feel a buzz quicker than if you would just take mouth puffs.

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